Playing to our strengths

Celebrating Gifts, Strengths and Talents

Each of us has our own unique gifts, strengths and talents that we bring to the world. For some of us, it can be difficult to see these within ourselves and it is not until someone we respect acknowledges what they see in us that we realise our full potential.
 The evidence is mounting as to the importance of a strengths-based approach to teaching and learning in our current society in order to build individuals with a strong sense of who they are.
 This training provides practical strategies and activities to assist in the recognition and celebration of the unique gifts, strengths and talents individuals have to offer and how to incorporate them into your own community or organisation. We want to see a world where all people are doing what they’re best at and what they love. Perfect for teachers, educators, youth workers, counsellors and organisational leaders.

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Cost: $295 (lunch provided)