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Our partnership approach towards schools ensures that we cultivate and foster a close working relationship to tailor the Journey into Rites of Passage for a school to their unique and bespoke needs and culture. Every school is different, and requires greater focus in various areas. By working closely with each school, we are able to quickly identify the key areas that require attention, and support the school on their path towards implementing deeply transformative practices and processes into their everyday rhythm.   We offer a range of options throughout the consultation process, to educate and empower the whole school community of staff, teachers and parents, in understanding how to play their vital and important role in safeguarding the wellbeing of our youth. From information sessions and keynotes, to classroom community building guidance and exercises, all the way to bespoke camp design and parent/child bonding initiatives, we seek to cover multiple aspects of the school curriculum in an integrated and simple manner.
Rites of passage schools


Educating the teachers and staff in the framework of transformation that is A Rite of Passage is a fundamentally important step in the process. This is achieved through dedicated PD days that are spent in understanding the framework of what a Rite of Passage is, and how this is relevant to children transitioning into young adults, as well as building in an awareness of how the collective community of staff and parents can support this key transition moment for the students. We also offer additional deeper training opportunities for staff to understand the difference between teaching and facilitating, learning key aspects of holding a safe space, building confidence in sitting with vulnerability and big emotions, and connecting to themselves in a fresh and unique way.


Educating the broader community is a critical component of building the community centred around a common goal of safeguarding our youth and bringing out their best. Part of this process will include keynote talks from Dr Arne Rubinstein around topics that are engaging, relevant and backed by evidence-based research. 

  • Latest research around teenage health and wellbeing
  • Global mega trends and the increasing impact of technology
  • How to help teenagers find their passion and purpose
  • The critical importance of a healthy personal identity
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • The relevance of creating modern day Rites of Passage for teenagers


We are really keen to assist schools to integrate their well-being programs across the whole school using the Rites of Passage framework.

We believe that this will enable your students to complete their learning journey at your school not only with the academic mastery to further their education or enter the workforce but also providing them with the skills, motivation and passion to make a positive impact on society. 

The Rites of Passage Institute would love to partner with your school to see how we can value-add to the offerings you already have to assist your students to thrive and succeed with a strong sense of their unique gifts and talents that they can offer the world.

We believe that in order to be successful a program must:

  • Involve parents and community in the process

  • Create multiple touchpoints across all year levels 

  • Educate, train and empower staff.