Experience the power of circles

Discovering Circles

Acquire the skills to facilitate spaces for authentic sharing and growth

Throughout history, circles have been used by many traditions and cultures as a way of passing on wisdom and knowledge and building community. Today, circles are a method for sharing, empathy and group building. Educational institutions and workplaces need more spaces where people are able to be their true selves, express their vulnerability and listen attentively to others. We see circles as a tool to help us create more of these spaces.
Through this practical and experiential workshop, you will develop an understanding of the power of circles and how you may be able to utilise this method of communicating in your organisation. This training is ideal for teachers, educators, community workers, corporate and not for profit teams.
This interactive one-day up-skill will give you:
  1. Real-time experience in participating circles
  2. The knowledge, framework and skills to facilitate circles effectively
  3. An opportunity to practice facilitating including valuable feedback
  4. A simple and comprehensive take-home guidebook