Dr Arne Rubinstein


Dr Arne is an expert on Rites of Passage and adolescent development, with 30 years experience as a medical doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. The programs, seminars and programs he’s helped to develop have been attended by over 250,000 people globally and are designed to support boys and girls to successfully make a safe, healthy transition to adulthood, with a particular focus on creating coming of age Rites of Passage. Dr Arne is the proud father of two wonderful young men and a mentor to many others.

Leona DeBolt

Director of Operations

Leona is the keeper of the fire at Rites of Passage Institute. Her warmth and sparkling attention to all she does, gathers people in and fuels the flames of our programs. She manages operations and schedules across our ecosystem with detail, care and continued diligence. Her adaptability, empathy and restorative gifts brings a solution and a fresh approach to each day. Leona believes wholeheartedly in the importance of creating belonging within the community.

Kamya O’Keeffe

Head of Women’s Programs

Kamya brings her global experience in the development of social enterprise and strategic programs to her development role with Rites of Passage Institute. She builds meaningful relationships and leads collaborative creative partnerships and projects that grow impact and empathy. Her commitment is to engage people in transformative experiences that inspire personal and social change and she facilitates our Leadership Trainings and Mother’s circles. She is co-founder of I Am Womxn, a post #metoo project to support new narratives for womxn; the daughter of courageous Celtic women, a mother of sisters, and on a pilgrimage to re-ignite the function of Elderhood.

Joel Hines


Joel brings with him a wealth of experience in a range of industries including health, technology and education. He is passionate about the education of the whole child ensuring a balance of academic mastery with social and emotional intelligence. His personal mission is to assist educators develop creative, adaptable thinkers for the future, individuals who have a deep sense of purpose and universal responsibility.


Training Officer

Bere has over 25 years experience in transformational facilitation and has been trained as an Outdoor Educator. He brings passion, intellect and wisdom to all that he does. His role as Training Officer on our Making of Men Camps provides the opportunity for him to impart this wisdom so future generations can benefit from the lifelong learning journey he has experienced thus far.

John Imbrogno

Program Manager

John has been working with young men since he sold his business in Melbourne and moved to Northern NSW. He is a talented story teller, drummer and singer. He was a senior facilitator at The Pathways Foundation and is a Senior Facilitator and Training Officer for our Making of Men program. He works at a local High School.

Karim Kaufman

Program Manager

Karim is deeply passionate about supporting young people to grow and develop into healthy adults. He works with young adults as a youth worker, runs a Boys Groups, facilitates on our Rites of Passage programs and is the Head of our Junior programs including Young Warriors and the Father Daughter weekends.

Mandy Kota


Having facilitated with a range of youth mental health preventative organisations, Mandy has impacted the lives of many young people across Australia. Her passion originated from being a speech pathologist, where she empowered children with a range of communication disorders to find their voice.

Mike Dyson


A senior facilitator with the institute, Mike’s infectious enthusiasm gets even the most skeptical participants involved. Mike is passionate about creating fun, engaging spaces for boys and men to have courageous conversations about healthy masculinity.


We use an educational model based on The Rite of Passage Framework to help individuals strengthen their sense of self, learn critical life skills, discover their potential and create a healthy vision for the future. We are working to create a world where all people and communities thrive. 


A Rites of Passage is a process that transforms you from one stage in life to the next. For thousands of years, Indigenous and Traditional communities recognised the importance of these transitions for the growth, connectedness and health of an individual and community. In modern society we have lost most Rites of Passage and instead we see young people trying to create their own, often with disastrous consequences. The need for programs that help equip young people with the confidence and tools to tackle the adventure and challenges that lie ahead are more critical than ever.