Parents and Children: Growing Together in a Time of Crisis


Based on Dr Arne Rubinstein’s globally recognised Rite of Passage Framework this course is ideal for children anywhere from 8 years old up. You can do it with all your children at once and it is ideal for one or both parents to join in.

We will send you daily videos and activities with clear instructions of activities and experiences that you and your children can create together. 

This course will help you and you children:

  • Strengthen your relationship with your children through sharing your own stories, learning active listening and creating a new routine of connecting regularly and deeply.
  • Grow your resilience by identifying current challenges and finding creative ways to manage them together 
  • Create a healthy vision for how you want to be during your time together in lockdown, including making plans to creatively spend one-on-one time with each of your children. 
  • Identify and name the gifts, talents, genius and spirit you see in each other and how you can bring them out

Total Cost: $197 AUD


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Additional Information
Additional Information

Join Dr. Arne Rubinstein and The Rites of Passage Institute for a 7 part online program to support you and your family while you are staying home and flattening the curve of the COVID-19 crisis.
We know everyone is doing the best we can right now to adapt and meet the challenges we are facing, and as parents it can be especially challenging to maintain good mental health in the face of fear and anxiety, support our children’s uncertainty, and even manage teens who may not take the risk seriously.

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