Join Dr Arne Rubinstein in this six part online program that explains a Rite of Passage, and how the Rite of Passage framework can be used to create a transformative learning experience. 

Without adequate mentoring & initiations people often make disempowered choices & experience inner conflict & shame. We invite you to journey into Rites of Passage and learn the foundations of transformational facilitation in this bite-sized E-course that explores the impact of ancient wisdom when applied to our lives today.

Journey into Rites of Passage

This 6 module online course with Dr. Arne Rubinstein is designed to teach anyone what a Rite of Passage is and why it matters today.

Ideal for parents, educators and social workers who are Rites of Passage curious and interested in a fresh approach to facilitating growth.​​

PRICE: $397


VIDEO: Introducing Dr Arne Rubinstein

I am genuinely excited to be sharing this with you so that you will be able to either start your journey with this work or further your understanding and practice. I believe that Rites of Passage are incredibly relevant today in the digital age we live in. In many ways, they have the ability to define our humanity in a time when families are more fractured than ever, communities are breaking down and the very existence of our earth is under threat. As the world becomes more technological we need to become more human.

During this course we will explore in detail each of the 3 stages first identified over 100 years ago, I will outline the 4 key elements that are required to create a genuinely transformational process and explain how we can translate this framework and bring it into our own lives as well as different groups and environments ranging from teenagers who are coming of age, people in different life stages, workplaces and even sporting teams.