Inspiring, engaging and informative



Our presentations are designed to provide information and education to parents in your school community.

Topics are engaging, relevant and backed by evidence-based research. Ideal for keynote presentations, wellbeing days or parent education sessions.

  • Latest research around teenage health and wellbeing
  • Global mega trends and the increasing impact of technology
  • How to help teenagers find their passion and purpose
  • The critical importance of a healthy personal identity
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • The relevance of creating modern day Rites of Passage for teenagers

Parent/Child Experiences

We create opportunities for some one-on-one connection between students and their parents through our range of engaging experiences.

These fun and interactive sessions are the ideal way to engage parents and their children in meaningful activities, some examples are as follows:

  • Father & Son Workshop
  • Mother & Son Workshop
  • Father & Daughter Workshop
  • Mother & Daughter Workshop

Audience: Parents