Dynamic, interactive and fun


Primary Years


Interactive workshops for students provide hands on experiences of the Rites of Passage framework while covering topics that relate to the experiences of young people.

Our workshops aimed at Primary aged kids include:

  • Leadership Day – Ideal of Year 5 or 6 exploring what it is to be a leader
  • Leadership Ceremony – Similar to above but involves parents attending a celebration
  • Moving Up – Designed for Year 6 students exploring the transition to Secondary School
Overnight Camps

It’s important for every young boy or girl to spend quality one on one time with either of their parents. The Young Warriors Camp is a perfect opportunity to connect and get away from the normal distractions and stresses of day-to-day life.

We can run our Young Warriors program alongside your staff on the school oval. This overnight camp designed for 7-11-year-olds is a great way to create a deeper connection between parents and their children.

Run from a Friday afternoon through to Saturday morning or evening, during this overnight program, parents and their children camp out on the school oval participating in activities specially designed to develop stronger parent-child bonds. Parents will share stories from their youth, honour their boy or girl for their unique skills and talents and plan a shared vision for the future together.

The camp is also a way to support mothers and fathers in their parenting journey.

Secondary Years


We have a range of workshops aimed at giving secondary students the opportunity to explore their own identity and how they relate to others and navigate their relationships.  They also provide an opportunity to create a vision for their future and how they want to show up in the world.

Our programs include:

  • One Day Rite of Passage Experience
  • Exploring Gender & Relationships
  • Leaders of Tomorrow

We create Multi-Day Rite of Passage Camp experiences for your students and run them alongside your staff.

We use a model and methodology based on The Rite of Passage framework creating a modern and contemporary approach to marking this important life transition. The framework uses four key elements to help students grow:

  • Through the use of Story, connection and relationships are deepened.
  • By providing Challenge, resilience is strengthened.
  • The creation of a Vision for the future and the setting of goals in order to achieve that vision
  • Most importantly each young person is recognised and Honoured for their individual gifts, strengths and talents

Along with the schools goals, below are our key outcomes for the camp:

  • Memorable, fun and life-changing experience
  • A tangible shift in maturity and noticeable transition towards young adulthood
  • Strengthened relationships and friendships across the cohort
  • Increased self-confidence and strengthened identity
  • A better understanding of who they wish to be as young adults and a clearer pathway of how they can move towards the best version of themselves
  • Higher levels of resilience and increased comfort with sharing openly and truthfully with their peers.
  • Improved relationship with parent/mentor (subject to parents/mentors attending a part of the experience)

The Rites of Passage Institute has a team of highly experienced facilitators utilising a variety of mediums to attain the above outcomes ranging from circle work, creative activities and innovative modalities of learning.

Audience: Students