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Public speaking

Dr Arne Rubinstein, CEO of the Rites of Passage Institute is a nationally and internationally in demand speaker for his practical, entertaining and insightful presentations which are suitable for a broad range of audiences.

His extensive knowledge on adolescent behaviour, parenting, Rites of Passage, corporate leadership and transformation provide a highly entertaining and insightful event that will engage and educate any audience.

He has made numerous radio, TV and conference appearances including ABC TV, Insight and Studio 10. He was also a keynote speaker at TEDx, Byron Bay……watch  here.

The Institute has run programs with many prestigious schools around Australia including The King’s School, Christ Church Grammar, Brighton Grammar School, The Hutchins School Sacred Heart College, Churchie and The Southport School.



Dr Arne’s keynote addresses, seminars and workshops for parents, teachers and students are designed to support boys and girls to successfully make a safe, healthy transition from children to young adults. They are researched based and cover critical issues teenagers need to deal with including Technology, Mental Health and Risk Taking Behaviours.

He is an internationally recognised expert on Adolescent Health and Rites of Passage delivering programs which:

  • Provide much-needed answers and tools to help a generation of young men and women to be happy and motivated about life. He also provides practical guidance to stop them from going off the rails.
  • Help parents to maintain healthy communication and successfully manage the changing relationship with their teenager.
  • Help teens to identify their true passion and to find a way to express their unique gifts and talents.
  • Give insight into solutions that will change the lives of our adolescents, parents, teachers and the wider community.


Dr Arne’s 2013 book The Making of Men, has become a best seller and is a practical handbook for parents and teachers of boys. The Making of Men details his model of Boy Psychology versus Healthy Man Psychology and the fundamental differences between them. Young men need to learn how to be the gatekeepers of their own futures as well as their emotions and it’s the role of the whole community to ensure this happens


As an internationally recognised leader in the field of adolescent development Dr Arne delivers engaging talks that provide adolescents with the tools needed to help them successfully navigate this critical time in their lives.

Topics covered…

  • Latest research around teenage health and wellbeing
  • How to determine the best life path
  • The critical importance of a healthy personal identity
  • Dealing with peer pressure and the stress of becoming an adult
  • The relevance of creating modern day Rites of Passage for teenagers

Rites of Passage

Dr Arne and his team have extensively studied the topic of Initiations and Rites of Passage from different cultures and communities and has given workshops and lectures worldwide.

Our spectacular bush property on the North Coast of New South Wales, YarraKoora, has been transformed into a Rites of Passage leadership training facility.  People come from around the world to participate in life-changing workshops and camps that offer support, celebration and direction for the passage to adulthood, and for the people who act as guides on this journey.

The Rites of Passage Institute runs a 3-Day Rites of Passage Leadership Training residential that is an introductory level course and aims to provide educational and experiential training around the elements of a Rite of Passage (ROP) that will allow the participants to clearly understand the elements of a ROP, experience the elements of a ROP, begin designing a program and be aware of how to use ROP beneficially in any environment.

We also offer this training as a 2-day intensive training and ongoing consultation for the development of a tailored and specific Rites of Passage camp and integrated program for schools and community groups.

Corporate Keynotes & Workshops

Dr Arne and his team have been running highly effective corporate keynotes and workshops with senior executives and their teams from leading Australian companies such as AMP, Small Giants, River Capital, Macquarie Bank, Lion Nathan and Merrill Lynch for over 10 years.

Our results-focused corporate training is designed specifically for executives who are seeking to enhance their leadership style and improve their performance in the workplace. This training focuses on developing communication and relationship building skills so executives are better able to empower others, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

As well as improving key management and leadership skills for business, these workshops and presentations deliver practical, actionable strategies to improve all areas of life, both at work and at home.

Topics covered include:

  • Passion & Skills – Discovering what you most love doing and how that can be applied to the workplace
  • Empowering others through transformational leadership
  • How to be Father of the Year
  • 21st Century Leadership for Men
  • Better men equal’s better leaders
  • Being a great Leader, Father and Man

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