The Rites of Passage Institute

The Rites of Passage Institute programs are centred around over 20 years of research and practice that has seen over 100,000 participants take part in programs globally that utilise Rites of Passage principles and practises.

We believe a healthy Rite of Passage is a necessary part of a boy or girl’s development and transformation into a good young man or woman.

Our founder and CEO, Dr Arne Rubinstein has designed a model and methodology based on timeless principles to create a modern and contemporary approach to transitioning through
life’s stages.

Schools and educational institutions are identifying the need to balance the achievement of academic mastery with soft skills such as resilience and self efficacy. Improving the wellbeing of your students will not only address many of the issues they are facing like mental health and risk taking behaviour, it will also improve their academic outcomes.

By utilising the educational model delivered by The Rites of Passage Institute, schools can ensure that they are bringing out the best in their boys and girls.

What is Rites of Passage?

For millennia, Indigenous communities around the world recognised the importance of supporting members of their community to transition safely from one stage of life to another through Rites of Passage. Marking the transition from youth to adult, adult to elder and so on were seen as fundamental in the growth, connectedness and health of an individual and community. In modern society, the need for journeys that help equip young people with the confidence and tools to tackle the adventure and challenges that lie ahead is more important than ever.