Learning by doing is the most powerful way to grow

Our Facilitation in Action experiences are for graduates of the Leadership Training programs who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of Rites of Passage framework. We offer opportunities for trainees to attend our Making of Men Camp and Young Warrior Camp throughout the year and be involved in the facilitation of these camps. Trainees will observe senior facilitators and assist in many facets of the camp including logistics and running specialised activities.

Our hands-on experiences will give you:

Leadership Training

The ability to work with a senior team of facilitators to successfully support a Making of Men or Young Warrior camp.

Leadership Training

Deeper insights into the Rites of Passage framework and methodology including a facilitator’s manual.

leadership Training

An in-depth understanding of your own facilitation strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement.

Please note that the completion of our Leadership Training is required for anyone wanting to join our Facilitation in Action experiences.

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