Take the next step to weave meaningful and healthy Rites of Passage back into the fabric of your community.

Expand on the learning of Level 1 Leadership Training through this four day immersion at beautiful YarraKoora in the Byron Bay Hinterland.  In this training you will:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your capacity to create powerful, inclusive and safe containers for transformation.
  • Discover how to authentically and respectfully create ritual and ceremony as part of life’s transitions.
  • Increase your ability and awareness of how to work with group dynamics and boundaries.
  • Learn to recognise liminal space and work with it in responsible ways.
  • Gain impactful, effective and practical tools to lead circles, sharing and discussions.
Our goal is to empower, upskill and support facilitators. We will help you discover your own leadership style and bring awareness to your facilitation practice.
This programme will equip you with skills, tools, and cultural competencies to become a transformational facilitator who can weave meaningful and healthy Rites of Passage back into the fabric of our communities.

Level 1 Leadership Training is a prerequisite.

26 – 29 August 2021: FULLY BOOKED

26 – 29 August 2021


Key outcomes:

Leadership Training
  • Deeper understanding of Rites of Passage and why they are so critical today
  • The ability to design an appropriate program for different communities and situations
  • The ability to hold space
Leadership Training
  • Increased awareness of cultural sensitivities and gender identities
  • Skills around Risk Management
  • A greater self awareness and an understanding of your own leadership style
  • Greater ability to create and hold liminal space
  • Better communications skills
leadership Training
  • An improved ability to create and work in effective facilitation teams
  • A toolbelt of icebreakers
  • A strong network of accomplished facilitators working in multiple fields globally

Please note that the completion of our Level 1 Leadership Training is required for anyone wanting to register.