Whether presenting in person or online, Dr Arne Rubinstein is a powerful and professional speaker known for his life changing presentations. He presents in a real, compassionate, humorous and inspirational way that makes the learning truly memorable. 

Dr. Arne Rubinstein is an internationally recognised expert on childhood development and Rites of Passage. His programs have been attended by over 250,000 people in more than 20 countries around the world and are now a part of over 50 schools around Australia. 

A medical doctor who first specialised in Family Medicine and then spent 15 years in Emergency Medicine until he moved full time into creating Rites of Passage programs for children and their families. 

He is the author of the best-seller The Making of Men and has won multiple awards for his work including being nominated in 2008 for Australian of the Year for his groundbreaking work with youth, providing much-needed answers and tools to support a generation of young men and women to be happy and motivated about life. His cutting edge, fresh and insightful presentation will engage, entertain and educate any audience.

“Dr Arne was amazing. Through the context of a ‘Rite of Passage’ he took our entire team on a remarkable journey of personal growth and team bonding. We are all still talking about our time together”. Danny Almagor, CEO, Small Giants. 

Keynote Topics: 90 min

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Education, Technology & Rites of Passage in Schools

Rites of Passage are being taken up nationally as schools and educational institutions are identifying the need to balance the achievement of academic mastery with the soft skills of including resilience and self efficacy. Join Dr Arne Rubinstein as he discusses how to improve the well-being of your students using the Rites of Passage framework.

How to Parent Teenagers:
The Key Things All Parents Need to Know

How can we parents support our teenagers during their critical transition years as they move from child to young adult? This time will influence the rest of their lives, and yet it is the time that many parents feel most lost. The difference between a teenager who is motivated, happy and communicative compared with one who is angry, shut down, depressed and looking for trouble is enormous. Parents have a huge influence and really need to understand what they can do to support the development of the healthy emotional wellbeing of their children. This presentation will help parents to maintain healthy communication and successfully manage the changing relationship with their teenager. 

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Parenting & Leadership in a Time of Crisis

During this time of extreme global events and pandemics we are seeing unprecedented levels of stress and mental health issues arise that are challenging us to create new forms of leadership, in business and at home. We know that a crisis creates opportunities and in this talk Dr Arne will explore the relevance of modern day Rites of Passage and how the framework can be used as a tool for healthy growth and change.

The Role of Rites of Passage in the Workplace

Do you want to create an optimal growth environment for yourself and your team? Learn creative and fun techniques to facilitate healthy communication, and navigate through challenges and changing identities as you accelerate your business.