A life changing experience that will forever improve your relationship and connection with your son.
The Making of Men camp is an evidence-based program that aims to help your teenage son transition from boy behavior, into a respectful, healthy, considerate and confident young man


The Making of Men Camp is a contemporary Rites of Passage program based on years of research conducted by Dr Arne Rubinstein – author of the book ‘The Making of Men’.

When your son is between the ages of 14 and 17 years old he is experiencing many dramatic physical and psychological changes. This is a very exciting time, but also potentially the most dangerous and confusing time of his young life.

In short, your son is becoming a young man. If he does not have positive guidance and clear direction to develop a healthy vision of his new role as a young man he may never grow out of his boyish behaviour, and is more likely to succumb to negative influences that can lead to withdrawal from family and school, aggression, addiction, and mental health issues. Our camps provide boys with that positive guidance and education to prevent them going down the wrong path.

Your son will gain the necessary skills, lessons and values he needs to develop into a respectful, responsible and happy young man. A young man that has a clear and healthy vision for his future, and also his role within your family, social circles, and the wider community.

While the Making of Men camp is a father & son camp, we want to acknowledge that mothers are a crucial part of the process. We highly recommend mothers to attend the Leaving and Return Ceremonies on the first and last day of camp as they are truly special events. We will also continue to support mothers with our Mother Nurture Series while the boys are on camp.

Price: $3,200 per duo**

**If you are experiencing financial difficulties and require a payment plan, please reach out to us directly on info@ritesofpassageinstitute.org

Making of men camp


● Learn crucial life skills and values such as respect, gratitude, honesty and responsibility.

● Strengthen family relationships through better communication, understanding, and respect for one another.

● Provide a healthy vision of masculinity while your son is still young, instead of trying to fix ingrained, negative behaviour when he is an adult.

● Increase his consideration and consciousness of others, and the consequences of his actions.

● Teaches boys it is ok to show emotions and seek help when needed.

● Provides boys with the time, space and guidance for self-reflection and developing a positive vision for the man they want to become.

We understand that this experience effects the entire family and it includes a Mothers Program, as well as a workbook to integrate the learnings back into your usual routine after the camp. Mothers (or another significant woman in your son’s life) are invited to participate in first and final day ceremonies. Family members and friends are welcome to attend the final day Return ceremony at Durrumbul Hall, Main Arm, where we celebrate the return of the Men from camp.

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6-10 July

21-25 September 2024

28 September -
2 October 2024



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Over the five-day camp, you will

YPO 49

Preventative approach providing a healthy vision of masculinity while your son is still young, instead of trying to fix ingrained, negative behavior when he is an adult.

Bush Walk

Learn the skills needed to become a motivated, responsible and resilient young man. Strengthen family relationships through better communication, understanding, and respect for one another.

glowing tent

Increase self-esteem and develop more confident communication and social skills.

What participants say

“What a humbling experience to have my son cross the line and start his journey into manhood not only in the presence of great men but supported by great men. I could not have given this experience to my son in a lifetime by myself ... I know I have given him the greatest start to his life as a young man.”


“I had high hopes for the camp and they were massively exceeded. My son feels stronger and more centered within himself, our relationship is better than it has ever been, and I feel like I have grown and matured as a man amazingly after only 4 days!”


"This small commitment of time will be the greatest investment in your son's future and have surprising transformation in your own future manhood."


Making of Men camp July 2022
"Thank you to the amazing facilitators and returning young men. You were so competent, knowledgeable, genuine and authentically caring that it completely inspired (us all) me to give my all. INDEBTED."


Making of Men camp July 2022