The Rites of Passage Institute helps people discover their passion and purpose, learn critical life skills and create a positive vision for the future

Our facilitation trainings utilise the Rites of Passage framework to help leaders, managers, teachers, and community workers create transformational programs. Over 500 people from more than 10 countries have attended this cutting edge training.

We work together with schools to create programs aimed at directly at improving mental health and help students move to the next stage in their lives and create a positive vision for the future.

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Life changing experiences for parents and their children designed to deepen relationships and celebrate new stages in a young adult’s life.

We run workshops, trainings and do public speaking in organisations that help staff gain a deeper understanding of each other and a unified vision for the future. We have worked with the leadership teams of some of Australia’s top companies.

About us

Over 100,000 people around the world have attended the programs we have helped to develop. We have over 25 years experience and are at the forefront of wellbeing education developing programs and working with schools, organisations, communities and families. The Rites of Passage Institute will help you create and deliver the right program specifically for your community.