We create wellbeing, resilience and belonging. 

We support people of all ages to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world, to find their unique gifts and talents, and create a healthy vision for the next stage of their life.

The Rites of Passage Institute delivers transformative Rites of Passage programs globally. Our camps, leadership trainings and school programs have been attended by over 200,000 people in more than 15 countries and are now a part of over 50 schools around Australia.

Our Programs

Rites of Passage Camps

As previous medical Doctor who was deeply disturbed by the high rates of harm that teenagers were subjecting themselves to Dr Arne Rubinstein (CEO & Founder, The Rites of Passage Institute) moved out of traditional medicine and into the field of mental health for young people. In doing so created a number of Rites of Passage camps and programs that act as preventative medicine for our youth.

Our range of Rites of Passage camps have been supporting families for over 25 years now. Not only are they designed to help young people become more responsible and resilient but they are proven to strengthen family relationships, which in turn strengthen communities.

We have programs that cater to pre-teens all the way to young adulthood, to be shared with a parent, step-parent or mentor. Click below to discover which camp is best for you and your children.

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Leadership training

Rites of Passage Facilitator Training


Learn Transformational Facilitation directly from Dr Arne Rubinstein, leading expert in Rites of Passage.

We are here to help you grow into an experienced and authentic leader in Rites of Passage facilitation, and have a number of training options to suit your schedule.

Discover how we can help you design and run your own high-impact program, and help others harness their full potential.

Student workshops

Our school programs complement regular academic education to bring out the best in young people. School communities are the perfect environment to implement the Rites of Passage model as a part of the culture. By doing so, schools create lasting cultural change that will not only inspire today’s young people but enhance the system for generations to come.

Student Workshops
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Explore our Online Learning Options


We’re here to help you make the very most of the conversations, experiences, and moments that you share with your children.

We offer a number of online Transformational Parenting programs that aim to help your family relationships flourish.

  • Bite-sized.
  • Simple and effective.

Discover new tools to support your family today by selecting the button below.

Leadership training

We help individuals grow to become experienced and authentic leaders, and inspire leaders to become talented facilitators. Our leadership training will help you design and run your own high-impact program to allow your people to harness their full potential.

Leadership training

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