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The Rites of Passage Institute understands that schools need to be much more than a place where the overarching goal is a final academic outcome. We are watching an unfolding tragedy as record numbers of young people globally are struggling with mental health issues and feelings of hopelessness about the future. This affliction effects those from all demographics and has immeasurable long term consequences at all levels.

Research from the National University of Singapore shows that final academic outcomes are not the sole major determinant of a students future success. 21st Century Life skills including resilience, a growth mindset and having a purpose beyond self are increasingly relevant. With the rapidly increasing impact of technology and artificial intelligence human qualities are what will differentiate those who can truly thrive in the future.

We have created Transformational Education to support students throughout their educational journey. By threading the Rites of Passage framework into the Wellbeing Curriculum and designing Rites of Passage camps at key milestone moments in the students’ journey, we are able to support your students to strengthen their sense of self, discover their potential, build resilience and create healthy relationships.

A unique opportunity exists to support our youth by threading the Rites of Passage framework into our education system through the wellbeing curriculum. Accompanying this with in-depth Rites of Passage camps facilitated through the School at key milestone moments in the students’ journey will allow for a healthy transition from child to young adult.

A Rites of Passage intervention is a beneficial way to provide school communities with a structure to support their students with an initiation into adulthood. These particular interventions have been proven to help teens navigate their changing identities, understand the physical and psychological changes they are experiencing while learning constructive ways to manage emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy and disappointment, and that it is ok to show emotions and seek help when needed.

With the safety created through a Rites of Passage, students can develop positive connections with peers, parents and staff and gain essential life skills for adulthood such as emotional communication, setting boundaries, developing healthy coping skills, reflecting on their own experiences, and cognitive and spiritual development.

The greatest impact comes when we work closely with schools to create a Continuum of Care specific to their community that involves the students, parents and staff.

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