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We believe that young people will thrive and be successful when we focus on their well-being, natural gifts, talents and spirit to the same extent as their academic results. We create transformational experiences utilising the Rites of Passage framework in order to further social and emotional development.

A sense of belonging

Human beings are built for connection, physically, mentally and emotionally. We all seek to be part of a greater whole and thrive within community. To belong is a key foundation to building self efficacy and resilience

To feel safe

Everyone needs to feel safe to share their feelings and express their individuality. We need to be able to provide an environment where young people are able to share their stories without judgement and develop strong communication and conflict resolution skills.

To be seen for who they are

We need to be developing creative, adaptable thinkers for the future, individuals who have a deep sense of purpose and universal responsibility. This can only be achieved if they develop a strong sense of who they are and how they fit within society. We must celebrate each individuals unique gifts, strengths and talents

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Our presentations are designed to relate to all members of the school community including students, staff and parents. Topics are engaging, relevant and backed by evidence based research.


Interactive workshops for students provide hands on experiences of the Rites of Passage framework

staff training

We provide training to your staff in all aspects of the Rites of Passage framework in order for them to incorporate iinto the delivery of their programs

curriculum design

We assist your school design and develop sequenced curriculum that addresses the social and emotional learning needs of your students.

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