Specialised program

Our Young Warrior camp is designed for children aged 8-10 years old to attend with a parent.

This camp is all about fun and connection, you are guided through a series of activities by our experience facilitation team that strengthen your relationship and create a space for open, honest conversation.

The children absolutely love the undivided attention (with no devices in sight :), we light fires, make damper, share stories and play games. The adults not only have an opportunity to honour their child and deepen their connection but also meet a network of other parents, and be guided through some simple parenting strategies that can be great take home tools.

We provide all of your camping equipment and the weekend is catered by our incredible cooks, giving you the opportunity to be completely present and enjoy two days of fun together.

Price: $620


25 - 26 June 2022

*$620 is the total cost for both to attend and includes catering and camping equipment. Please understand that as the camps fill to capacity we are unable to accept your registration and secure your place without payment of the camp fees.


Over the two-day camp, participants will

Develop stronger relationships and open channels of trust and communication.

Learn the skills needed to become a motivated, responsible and resilient young adult.

Increase self-esteem through positive life-changing experiences.

How was it?

“Truly enjoyed the honesty and vulnerability shared by the mothers. The boys really rose to the occasion bonding with each other. Loved being in nature, surrounded by beauty, delicious food and friendships.”


“Young Warriors camp was fantastic for my daughters self esteem and it allowed me to reflect on my parenting and connect with her more.”


“It was the best weekend ever, I had so much fun and it was such a good time!”


Age 11,
“A very profound step into the unknown with my son that took us on a guided and supported journey. I was deeply moved by what we were helped to uncover in terms of our relationship and my own personal growth.”