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Our Camps

Making of Men Camp

As boys approach adulthood they need support and guidance to make a healthy transition into becoming good young men. Parents also need to shift and redefine the relationship they share with their son once he is no longer a boy. The Making of Men Camp is designed to help teenage boys think about what sort of men they are going to become, what behaviors they are going to let go of, how they are going to be in their key relationships and to mark their transition from boy to young man.


Our Mother & Son Camp is the perfect opportunity for mothers and sons to connect away from the normal distractions and stresses of day-to-day life. The camp is designed to both celebrate the beautiful love between mothers and sons whilst looking forward to ensure that during the teenage years and beyond a relationship is created that is still open, supportive and full of love.

Mother Daughter Camp

The camp is designed to support teenage girls between the age of 14 – 16 years old and their mother or female mentor, go through a carefully crafted contemporary Rite of Passage Journey into young womanhood. The program offers an experiential process, steeped in fun, excitement, laughter, nature and the elements, that supports both mother and daughter grow and expand together into this new stage of life.


This camp is a wonderful gift of two days together in nature, a time to reflect and build a healthy vision for the future. Our Young Warriors camp is a perfect opportunity to spend some much loved one-on-one time with your child to gain valuable insight into their world, to strengthen your trust and communication now, and to set up a healthy relationship for the future as they become young adults.

How was it?

“The program was amazing, I saw my son grow more confident, centered and happy before my eyes…”


“Young Warriors camp was fantastic for my daughters self esteem and it allowed me to reflect on my parenting and connect with her more.”

Blake, Dad

“It was the best weekend ever, I had so much fun and it was such a good time!”


age 11
“The Making of Men camp was life changing on many levels; connecting and better understanding my son, meeting other fathers who are all going on a similar journey.

Jonathan, Dad

I learnt a lot about others and the people who took it made everyone feel safe and secure.