Mother Daughter Weekend camp designed to support you and your daughter as she steps into her early teenage years



Experience a weekend getaway like no other with your daughter.

Although our Mother and Daughter program is no longer available, we have partnered with Kamya I’Keefe, one of our senior facilitators, to bring you an unforgettable weekend at her successful camp.

Kamya O’Keefe, a senior facilitator with the Rites of Passage Institute, has extensive experience focusing on Rites of Passages for girls, women, mothers, and elders. She creates and guides handmade transformative circles, journeys and trainings that acknowledge and celebrate the significant cycles and stages of our lives so that we may recognise the gifts we bring to the world; whilst remembering what it means to belong to ourselves, to our kin, and to the unfolding vision of our lives.

Rising Women is her three-day mother and daughter camp designed to support you and your daughter as she steps into her teen years.  Her aim is to offer this time away just for you two to share some adventure and to reflect and support you both with the changes already happening (or on the horizon) in your relationship. Her aim is to set the foundations for you both to better navigate this journey as your daughter matures toward young adulthood.

Take some time away from your everyday life to enjoy adventure, reflection and quality time with your daughter.

If you have a daughter aged 11-14 yrs and want to:

  • Strengthen your relationship with your daughter
  • Improve your communication skills together
  • Learn about setting healthy boundaries
  • Support your daughter confidence to make safe, appropriate choices
  • ◎ Understand the cultural mother/daughter double bind
  • Connect with other mums and feel supported on this journey

Then our Rising Women Mother Daughter camp is perfect to support as you both step into this next phase together.

Price: $1350

$1350 is the total cost for both to attend and includes catering. Please understand that as the camps fill to capacity we are unable to accept your registration and secure your place without payment of the camp fees.