What actually happens in the camps?

We will be sharing stories as a way of passing on wisdom and knowledge, spending time relaxing around a fire, and in a facilitated discussion.

We create healthy safe challenges to help you explore who you want to be in the next stage of your life and what behaviours you need to let go of.

We will be creating personal visions for the future and we will also be spending time recognising and acknowledging the gifts talents and genius in each of us.

Activities to get you exploring your values, passions, strengths and purpose, and facilitated conversations where we all feel free to speak our mind and be truly heard.

We don’t want to reveal too much about the detail of what happens on the camp because it would take away from the experience, but please know that we value safety and the needs of each individual.

Are the camps religious in nature?

All of our camps and programs are completely non-denominational in nature and are not associated with any religion. 

We welcome everyone to our programs.


Can I use my phone at camp?

We create a sense of separation from your regular way of being. No phones, no routines, no watches and no computer- it helps us to be really present, think about things differently and have real conversations that don’t normally happen.

Where are our camps held?

Our camps are run in the beautiful hinterlands of Byron Bay NSW.