Rites of Passage Leadership Training
“The training has helped me to set a new standard in delivering powerful well-being programs within our community. The content, delivery and most importantly the facilitators have inspired me with the confidence to bring these new skills back to share with others.”




The training is held over three days and is designed for anyone who wants to learn about Rites of Passage and begin their journey to develop and facilitate truly transformational programs for people of all ages. We believe that a Rite of Passage is a necessary part of a person’s development and our aim is to create masterful transformational facilitators that will help guide people and groups through critical  transitional times in their life. 

The training explains the model and methodology of the Rites of Passage Framework and the theory behind transformation, it supports you in adopting the mindset and confidence required to inspire and guide others as they transition from one stage of life to the next .

Our Leadership Training is commonly attended by teachers, outdoor educators, mentors, business leaders, coaches, social workers, psychologists and parents and is run by Dr Arne Rubinstein OAM, the Founder and CEO of The Rites of Passage Institute, and an expert on Rites of Passage and adolescent development. 

With a background as a medical doctor, specialising in family and emergency medicine, Dr Rubinstein’s journey took a turn when he recognised the urgent need to address the high rates of harm and mental health issues plaguing teenagers. Inspired by the age-old traditions of indigenous and traditional communities, he founded the Rites of Passage Institute, initially dedicated to providing adolescents with the tools and guidance necessary to transition into adulthood with resilience, purpose, and wisdom and now supporting people of all ages.

With over 30 years of experience, he has impacted the lives of more than 350,000 people in over 25 countries through transformative programs and workshops.


– Gain comprehensive understanding of the components comprising a Rite of Passage.

-Engage in immersive experiences that embody the essence of a Rite of Passage.

-Explore the concept of liminal space within transformative practices.

-Acquire practical insights into leveraging Rites of Passage effectively within a range of environments, with hands-on opportunities for initial design exploration.

-Foster personal and professional connections through networking with fellow participants, facilitating potential collaborations and growth opportunities.



Far West NSW is renowned for its expansive red dirt desert, untouched natural beauty and spectacular sunsets stretching across sacred Wilyakali country making it the perfect peaceful setting for personal growth and transformation to take place.
Australia’s first world heritage listed city, Broken Hill is rich in both minerals and history with the once booming mining town evolving into a tapestry of art galleries, museums, cafes and restaurants open to the many tourists that pass through the region during the cooler months between March to September. 
The Leadership Training will take place from Friday 9 August to Sunday 11 August in Silverton, a tiny town just 25kms from Broken Hill with a population of about 50 residents, including several artisans who work from their art galleries in this quirky community.




8-10 March 2024 (Byron Bay NSW)

26-28 July 2024 (Byron Bay NSW)

6-8 Sept 2024 (Byron Bay NSW)

18-20 Oct 2024 (Byron Bay NSW)



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