How is your teen tracking?

In order for your child to become a happy and successful young teen, it is critical that they develop what I call a healthy ‘personal identity.’ Armed with this, they will develop a strong sense of self, good values and a feeling of belonging. This is sure to bring out the best in your child and enhance the caring, courageous, fun-loving, kind, romantic, strong and loyal qualities that are so important, eventually leading to inspiration to do something meaningful with their life. Teenagers will also develop the skills to successfully navigate their way through the world and avoid many of the most common pitfalls.

The Personal Identity (PI) Scale

There are five key factors which contribute to a young person’s healthy Personal Identity, and we have developed a scale which allows us to measure them.

  1. 1. Healthy family relationships
  2. 2. Key foundation life skills
  3. 3. Good physical health
  4. 4. Recognition of and encouragement to pursue unique gifts and talents
  5. 5. Support through the transition from child to teenager

The survey below will allow you to assess the Personal Identity and wellbeing of your child. As you read through the five short sections, you should be able to easily identify which category he or she fits into for each of the five factors.

you’ve completed the survey, you’ll be given a total score and will receive more information as to which category your child fits into.

Please answer the five questions below as accurately and honestly as possible.



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