We have plenty of teachers around. Teachers that teach our youth maths, science, languages, music, sport, drama and the myriad of amazing subjects that schools now offer. To train these teachers, education institutions all over Australia are dedicated to equipping and preparing these teachers with the required knowledge and skills to deliver content and help students succeed.

However, I don’t know of any education courses or institutions at a tertiary level that are dedicated to training the art of facilitation. Whilst both teaching and facilitation can be lumped under the category of education, there are big differences in how they are practiced and ultimately the different things these art forms do in a space.

Facilitation is about creating experiences and ‘spaces’ for exploration, sharing and self-learning to occur. The facilitator’s role is not as a vessel of knowledge – to talk at a room or to teach a room – but rather as a skilful director of energy in a room, carving out spaces for authentic and safe personal sharing to occur. When people share what’s real for them, they learn more deeply about themselves and others around them.

My passion has been focused on helping young people reflect on who they are, strengthening their sense of self, building strong and supportive relationships and creating a positive vision for their future. I do not teach. I create and hold an authentic space that allows rich and real conversations and exploration to take place. I’ve seen the power facilitation can have in a learning context and how badly it is needed in educational environments and schools.

We need more skilled facilitators that act as guides and space holders to help our young people explore themselves, who they are and how they want to live their life.

At its core, The Rites of Passage Institute is all about facilitating these kinds of positive experiences and spaces for self-exploration. If your child could benefit from a supportive environment that encourages healthy introspection and self-learning, get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.